Who does what?

Every owner of a residential property in Montgomery Village is automatically a member of Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF).  There are 12 homes corporations, 11 condominium associations and four multi-family rental apartment complexes within Montgomery Village.  Each of these is a separate entity that provides maintenance and services that are different from those provided by MVF and apply only to the property within that particular community.  All property owners are members of one of these associations in addition to the Foundation and pay fees and have voting rights in both entities to support the services provided to them by each.

Montgomery Village Foundation 

  • Owns and maintains MVF common property and facilities, including lakes, parks, ball fields, pools and community centers; Contracts for landscaping, trash collection, leaf pickup and snow removal of those properties .
  • Charges assessments for the operation and maintenance of MVF and the common properties.
  • Administers Architectural Standards, both residential and commercial. Approval of all exterior additions or changes to the original design on an individual’s property must be received prior to being done. All properties are subject to routine inspection and must adhere to standards set by the Architectural Review Board, supported by MVF staff, to avoid penalties.
  • Approves policies and procedures relating to MVF property and activities.
  • Administers elections to the MVF Board of Directors; appoints advisory committees to the Board.
  • Administers budget and manages finances for MVF assets.
  • Monitors legislation at federal, state and county levels and provides Board positions on issues with potential Village impact; works with government agencies on transportation / roadway issues and with developers and other groups on projects that affect the Village.
  • Provides Village-wide events such as the annual July 4th celebration, summer Lawn Theater performances, Flea Markets, holiday programs, etc. All types of year-round fee programs are also offered under the direction of the Recreation and Parks Department.
  • Provides MVF Activity Cards, enabling all members of MVF to enjoy many recreational amenities including access to pools, gymnasium drop-in programs and more.

Homes Corporation/Condominium Association

  • Owns and maintains community property, including streets, street lights, green space, parking lots and some playgrounds; Contracts for landscaping trash collection leaf pickup, snow removal and security, if applicable.
  • Charges assessments for the operation and maintenance of the association and community properties.
  • Administers covenants (parking, trash, property maintenance, etc.). All exterior property condition is subject to routine inspection and must be kept to standards set by the association to avoid penalties.
  • Approves policies and procedures relating to association property and activities.
  • Administers elections to homes corporation/condominium board of directors. Appoints advisory committees.
  • Administers budget and manages finances for association assets.