Architectural Standards FAQs

What are the Architectural Standards in Montgomery Village?

Montgomery Village Foundation is obligated by its legal documents to enforce residential architectural standards Village-wide. The authority for enforcement of these standards is found in Article VIII of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of each homes corporation. The aim of these standards is to maintain property values and protect the investments residents have made in their homes. Architectural standards begins with architectural criteria established specifically for each community in the Village by the developer and upheld by the Montgomery Village Foundation. These criteria are reviewed by the MVF Board of Directors on a regular basis to keep them accurate and current.To keep Village neighborhoods looking beautiful and to maintain the original design intent of the community, all homeowners must apply to the Architectural Review Board (ARB) and Architectural Standards Department for approval of any exterior modifications to their homes.

Who is responsible for maintaining these standards?

The MVF Board of Directors, which approves the criteria for each community and Village-wide standards, and the ARB, which reviews homeowners’ requests for exterior changes.Architectural Standards Department staff assist homeowners with architectural matters and the Property Improvement Request (PIR) review process. Senior staff also perform the in-house review of specific types of requests that are not forwarded to the ARB. Homeowners, who are required to uphold the standards by working with the Montgomery Village Foundation when making exterior changes to their homes.

What is the Architectural Review Board (ARB)?

The ARB consists of volunteers, appointed by the MVF Board of Directors, who have some background in architectural design or who have a strong interest in maintaining the architectural standards in the Village, and who live or work in the Village.The Architectural Standards Department and the Architectural Review Board work to ensure that all exterior modifications blend with existing designs of each unique community and that each property follows approved guidelines. The Architectural Standards Department maintains exterior paint and stain color samples and retains color records for the majority of properties within the Village. Homeowners, however, are also encouraged to maintain their own color records for referral in repainting and matching current exterior colors.

What changes require review by the ARB?

All exterior alterations to your home must be reviewed by the ARB or staff in-house review, before work may begin. Changes in paint colors, the installation of replacement siding, adding walkways, fences, decks, patios and home additions are among the items that must be approved by the ARB. Call 240-243-2364 or email for information.

How long does the review process take?

The Property Improvement Review (PIR) process generally takes only a couple of weeks from the time an application is submitted until a decision is mailed back to the homeowner. Many of the PIR’s received are routine requests, common replacement materials and/or changes in colors, therefore, these requests where there are established criteria/ guidelines are reviewed by the internal AS Review staff in conjunction with the MVF Design Consultant at a weekly In-House Review meeting. Once this in-house review is done (typically within two weeks after the application has been received), the decision letter is emailed to the applicant. Any community wide criteria updates, or major projects such as a pool, house addition, free-standing structure, etc are referred to the ARB for review. The ARB usually meets at 7 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month in the North Creek Board Room, 20125 Arrowhead Road (currently all meetings are being held via ZOOM). All ARB meetings are open to residents, and PIR forms must be received at the MVF Office by 5 p.m. on the Tuesday two weeks prior to the meeting so the PIR can be added to the meeting agenda. Architectural Review Board decisions will be emailed to the applicant within a few days following the ARB meeting. ARB decisions can also be found on your Member Dashboard. In addition to ARB review, routine requests, replacement materials or changes in colors and requests where there are established guidelines are reviewed by AS staff in conjunction with the MVF Design Consultant. Once this in-house review is done (typically soon after the application has been received), the decision letter is mailed to the applicant.

I would like to replace an existing fence that is in disrepair. Do I need approval?

All fences—both new or replacements of original fences—require an application to be submitted to the ARB for review. This requirement is to ensure that the current fence is the correct style for the community and is exactly like the original, or previously approved, fence.

What are the enforcement procedures?

The Montgomery Village Foundation prefers to resolve an architectural standards problem without initiating enforcement procedures. If a homeowner does not comply with the PIR requirements, several things can happen, including possibly suspending MVF membership privileges, which include voting rights and the use of pools and community centers. Legal action may also ensue.

Where do I go if I need more detailed information about architectural standards?

The Architectural Standards staff is always ready to assist homeowners and their contractors. Articles concerning Village architectural matters can be found in the Montgomery Village News.

Will the MVF Office provide me with a list of contractors for modifications to my home?

No. MVF is not permitted to recommend contractors to homeowners. It is suggested that you look in the Montgomery Village News for contractors who advertise. Please note that all contractors should be licensed, insured and bonded. MVF makes no guarantee or endorsement for advertisers in the Village News or other publications.