Architectural Review

Montgomery Village was planned and initial development began more than 50 years ago. In order to offer some assurance to homeowners that their property investments would not decrease with time, specific architectural criteria and standards were created for each unique community. The architectural standards are enforced by the Montgomery Village Foundation, Inc.

The process homeowners are required to work through to make exterior modifications to their homes and properties requires pre-approval by application to the Architectural Review Board (ARB). The ARB consists of volunteers, appointed by the MVF Board of Directors, who have some type of background in architectural design and live or work in the Village.

For general assistance with application review questions or modifications, contact the Architectural Standards Administrative Assistant at 240-243-2364 or email.

For questions in specific communities, contact the Review Administrator below:

  • Eastgate, Horizon Run Condo, Northgate, Patton Ridge, Polar Spring and Stedwick
    240-243-2306 or email​​ 
  • East Village, Maryland Place, Middle Village, North Village, South Village, Thomas Choice Condo and Whetstone
    240-243-2351 or email