Village-wide Criteria

Originally, the Village's developer worked with architects and designers to establish an attractive and unique appearance for each community in Montgomery Village. Standards for house designs, materials and decorative features were formulated to assure a distinctive look for each community, and the standards were called the community "architectural criteria." The criteria are reviewed and updated as materials in the marketplace change with time, but it is the responsibility of the Montgomery Village Foundation, Inc., to uphold the original design intent of each community.

There are two types of architectural criteria for Montgomery Village. Each community in Montgomery Village has a set of community architectural criteria specific to the design of their subdivision. In addition, the Village-wide Criteria were developed to set standards for high impact modifications that can be applied to all homes in the village. Residents can access their community criteria by logging into their Resident Dashboard; the Village-wide Criteria can be accessed below. Please reach out to the Architectural Standards Department at or 240-243-2364.

Village-wide Architectural Criteria