Architectural Standards

Architectural standards are designed to protect Village property values by preserving the architectural integrity of Village residential homes and properties as well as commercial and non-residential properties. The Montgomery Village Foundation is obligated, through each homes corporation's governing documents, to enforce architectural standards Village-wide.

The Montgomery Village Foundation's Architectural Standards Department services residents who are making changes to the exterior of their homes and properties. These changes may include exterior paint colors, changes in landscaping or topography of yards, the addition of new structures or changes in existing structures. The department also provides residents with information about replacement materials and recorded exterior paint colors. The staff assists with the drafting and updating of architectural criteria relating to home exteriors in all communities, works with the MVF design consultant and the Architectural Review Board (ARB) to establish architectural guidelines for those items not in the criteria, and assists homeowners with the processing of applications to be reviewed by the ARB. Requests made by residents, in writing, for architectural changes are reviewed each month by the ARB.

The Architectural Standards Department is also responsible for enforcing compliance on architectural violations to make certain the architectural covenant is upheld by all Village homeowners.

The Montgomery Village Foundation works cooperatively with Montgomery Village commercial and non-residential properties in the review of renovations to shopping centers, signage, landscape and lighting changes. The staff assists the Montgomery County Permitting Department in the enforcement of the county sign ordinance.

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The Architectural Review Process.

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How to correct an architectural problem.

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