Quick Reference Guide to Applying for Property Modifications

Steps to Applying:

  1. Contact the MVF Architectural Standards Department
    Find out what requirements are needed to make the modifications you are considering. By contacting the MVF Architectural Standards Department, it can be determined whether or not you need to fill out a Property Improvement Request application (PIR). We can also help answer questions about what information to include in your PIR, and what criteria might apply to the modification you’re making.
  1.  Fill out the PIR
    The PIR applications are available online at www.montgomeryvillage.com/pir or you can pick up a hard copy at the MVFOffice at 10120 Apple Ridge Road. It’s free to apply.

    It’s important to include as much information about your modification as possible to speed up the review process. The information needed will depend on what the modification is, but examples of important details include materials, colors, manufacturers, and locations of the modification on the home. Samples are helpful, as are photos, links to websites, architectural drawings, and property plats. If you’re unsure what to include, call – we’re here to help!
  1.  Submit your application – You’re done!
    You will be notified by email of the decision, and can always call the Architectural Standards Department for an update on the status of your application. See below for information about the review process and timeline. Remember, don’t make any purchases until you have received approval.

Good to Know:

  • Routine requests, replacement materials, changes in colors, and requests where there are established criteria are reviewed by AS staff in conjunction with the MVF Design Consultant. This in-house review takes place once per week, on Thursdays. Applications received by close of business (5 p.m.) Tuesday will be reviewed the following Thursday. The time between submission of application and receipt of a decision letter varies based on the complexity and completeness of the application, but our average turnaround time is 10 business days for applications reviewed in-house. Residents are welcome to contact the MVF office for an update on their application’s status.
  • Major projects, more complex applications, or applications for which there are not clear criteria will be reviewed by the Architectural Review Board (ARB). The homeowner will be notified if their application is being forwarded to the ARB for review, and they will receive an invitation to attend the meeting. The ARB meets the first Wednesday of each month. The application deadline for review at the meeting is 5 p.m. the Tuesday 2 weeks prior to the ARB meeting. 
  • No work may begin or installations may take place until the homeowner has received written approval from MVF.
  • If contractors complete the application in place of the homeowner, an Authorized Agent Affidavit must be signed by the property owner authorizing the contractor to represent the homeowner.
  • If there are existing architectural violation(s) on the property, the property owner’s application for alterations or additions (not related to the violation) will not be accepted and the property owner will be required to reapply once the violation(s) is resolved. If the property owner’s request will resolve the violation, the property owner should identify this fact on the application.
  • If the project is not completed within 12 months from the decision, the approval will become null and void and a new application must be submitted if the homeowner still wishes to complete the project.
  • If the project has not been completed as approved, it will be noted as an architectural violation.

How to Appeal an ARB Decision:

Residents who are not satisfied with the staff or ARB decision on their application have the option to appeal the decision. These are the steps in the appeal process.

  1. Request that the ARB reconsider your proposal if it is denied
    The owner may request the ARB to reconsider its denial of an application, or the modifications stipulated in the decision. The owner should explain the reason for reconsideration in writing and include any new supporting information concerning the request. The Architectural Standards Department will refer the letter to the ARB for consideration at its next scheduled meeting.
  1.  Appeal an ARB decision
    An owner may appeal an ARB decision to the MVF Executive Committee. This committee meets once each month, and a letter of appeal must be submitted to the Foundation within 30 days after receiving the ARB decision letter. The AS Staff will inform the appellant what day and what time the hearing will be held. All Executive Committee appeals are held at the North Creek Community Center at 20125 Arrowhead Road. Owners wishing to appeal an ARB decision should call Yara Pena at 240-243-2355 or Christine Sharp at 240-243-2306 for more information.
  1. Appeal the Executive Committee’s decision to the CCOC
    If an owner is unsatisfied with an Executive Committee’s decision, he or she may request the dispute be resolved through a county agency established for that purpose. The Architectural Standards Department can direct an owner to the Montgomery County’s Commission on Common Ownership Communities (CCOC).