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As our community ages, maintaining, enhancing and adding to our infrastructure, facilities and amenities is a must. The Montgomery Village Foundation Board of Directors is dedicated to keeping the Village a desirable, flourishing community in the Washington, D.C. metro area. Use the below links for information regarding current development and projects in and around Montgomery Village.

CTS Chesapeake Bay Trust Grant Project

On March 4, Christ the Servant Lutheran Church (CTS) was awarded $119,200 from the Chesapeake Bay Trust. The purpose of this money is to replace 4,000 square feet of impervious blacktop with permeable pavers and to tie in three roof downspouts into the same drainage system. This will prevent thousands of gallons of runoff into our watersheds.

The Chesapeake Bay Trust (CBT) awards more than $10 million in grant funding each year to hundreds of nonprofits and community organizations throughout the region for hands-on projects that are ensuring cleaner, greener, healthier Chesapeake, Coastal Bays and Youghiogheny watersheds for years to come. For more information about this organization, visit

CTS has always been environmentally conscious. We recycle plastic, glass and paper products and use washable plates, cups and utensils instead of paper ones in our activities. So when it became time to replace our blacktop parking lot we explored the most environmentally healthy way possible. We learned that even replacing a small section of our parking lot with permeable pavers would greatly help our watershed.

With the help of CBT, another organization called Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake (IPC), Montgomery Village Foundation and the Gaithersburg Library we hope to accomplish 2 goals:

1.         To help make our precious water safer and cleaner for future generations; and

2.         To educate our neighbors in how they can also improve our watershed with simple projects and behavioral changes.

Construction should begin this May/June and should take 2 weeks.

Colonial Pipeline Inspection Project

Colonial Pipeline Company owns and operates an Interstate Common Carrier Pipeline System that transports refined petroleum products, gasoline, diesel fuel, home heating oil, aviation kerosene and military grade fuels to markets in the southeast and along the eastern seaboard. Periodically, Colonial runs internal inspection tools through its pipelines as part of its system integrity program. Colonial performed a tool run through a pipeline segment that crosses through the Montgomery Village community and has identified a location that requires further inspection. In order to safely perform the required pipeline inspection, it will be necessary to temporarily close and relocate Duffer Way. Work is scheduled to begin approximately on June 1.

Colonial’s pipelines cross through the community via Right-of-Way Easements that were obtained in 1963 when there were working farms in the area, and additional easements in 1980 from the Kettler Brothers and Patton Ridge Homes Corporation. These easements granted to Colonial the rights “for the purpose of laying, constructing, maintaining, operating, repairing, altering, replacing, inspecting, protecting, changing the size of, and removing one pipeline…” Additionally, “together with the right of unimpaired access to said pipe line and the right of ingress and egress on, over, and through Grantor’s above-described lands for any and all purposes necessary and incident to the exercise by said Grantee of the rights granted hereunder, …”

Under the above referenced rights, Colonial plans to construct a temporary roadway during upcoming maintenance activities. They anticipate the work to take approximately 60 days, weather permitting. The first phase will be to construct a new roadway to connect the Fairway Island of Patton Ridge community with Meadowcroft Lane. The second phase will be executed once the new roadway is in place. Colonial will close the current entrance of Fairway Island and detour traffic to the new road. Then the pipeline inspection and maintenance will take place.

Once the pipeline inspection and maintenance activities have been completed, the existing roadway, curbing and other disturbed areas will be restored and reopened. The third phase will involve removing the temporary detour roadway and restoring the distributed areas back to their original grade and conditions.

Colonial appreciates residents’ support and cooperation during these necessary maintenance activities. For more information or questions, e-mail Colonial’s Right-of-Way Consultant Terry mock at

Pipeline Project Detail Map

North Creek Pool Renovation

During their regular monthly meeting on July 25, 2019 the Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF) Board of Directors discussed several options for the North Creek Pool and Bathhouse Renovation Project, before authorizing Executive Vice President (EVP) Dave Humpton to negotiate and execute a contract for the pool.

After previous feedback from residents and the Board, staff provided four options of the concept for the Board to consider: 1) the base pool; 2) the base pool with a diving well; 3) the base pool with a heater; and 4) the base pool with a diving well and heater. After hearing additional input during Residents Time, as well as discussion regarding the options, the Board ultimately passed a motion to negotiate and execute the contract on option 2, the base pool with a diving well. The pool and bathhouse will receive major updates, including a 140' ride length water slide, 50 and 25 meter lap lanes, a diving well and an area to secure inflatable pool features.

Through much of 2020, MVF and Schiebel pools have been working to secure permits from Montgomery County to proceed with the demolition and construction of the new pool.Currently, demolition is underway and residents are reminded to stay clear of the constrcution area during the renovation.

Watkins Mill Pool Site Repurposing

Since planning for the 2020 Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF) Budget, the Watkins Mill Pool has been slated to be repurposed, given its low use and high operating, maintenance, and reserve costs. Throughout 2019, discussion and input opportunities were held, with feedback coming before the Recreation Committee in January 2020.

In February 2020, the committee met to further discuss fitness-based concepts for the site before making a recommendation to the MVF Board of Directors. Staff presented information about the fitness-based concept, including what MVF would be able to include within the permitted budget the functionality of proposed equipment on the market; and participation trends collected by nearby locations with outdoor fitness amenities. Based on that information, the committee recommended the MVF Board move forward with the process to repurpose the site to outdoor fitness use including an asphalt exercise track, outdoor fitness equipment and relocating the current playground.

At the February 2020 MVF Board of Directors meeting, the Board authorized proceeding with an RFP for engineering services to repurpose the site. This will break out into three phases: 1) RFP to develop concept plan, site plan and permitting application; 2) RFP for demolition of current facility; and 3) RFP for contractors to purchase and install the various components of the design. Each phase will seek Recreation Committee input and MVF Board approval.

A contract was awarded by the MVF Board of Directors in September 2020 to KCI Technologies for the first phase of this project. During the fall and winter MVF staff have been working with KCI Technologies to create the site plan required for the first phase of the project. Staff anticipate this new amenity being installed in 2021.

This page will be periodically updated as the project progresses. For more information on this project, contact Director of Recreation and Parks Duncan Mullis at 240-243-2337 or e-mail

Village Center Revitalization

Great progress is being made with the facelift and infrastructure improvements for Phase I of the Village Center project. The developer, Atlantic Realty Companies, has not yet filed a Preliminary Plan for the Watkins Mill side of the project, which will include condominium units and townhouses.

Village Center site plan

Village Center greenspace


MVF Resolution to Support Village Center Sketch Plan

ARC Presentation 8-8-17

ARC Presentation to CARC April 2018

Planning Board Staff Report

Approved Site Plan Drawings

Building Renderings


MV Professional Center/Lidl

Lidl still on plan to open in Spring 2021

According to representatives from German grocer Lidl, the owners of the old Professional Center site, they are still on track to begin demolition this month and start construction in the August or September timeframe. Lidl is hopeful for a Grand Opening in March 2021.

Lidl has indicated that they would do better with more regular grass cutting and trash pickup on the site, which has been a continuous issue.

Final Plans submitted to CARC

Third Supplemental and Amended and Restated Declaration and Grant of Easements, Covenants and Restrictions for the Montgomery Village Professional Center

Site Plan Drawings

Site Plan Overview

Preliminary Plan

Architectural Drawings

MVGC Development/Bloom Montgomery Village

Monument Realty, along with Maryland-based Mosaic Realty Partners, Connecticut-based Grandview Partners, and the Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF), announced the start of construction on the first phase of its 494-lot residential development, named Bloom Village, in Montgomery County on June 9. Monument Realty has teamed with Reston-based NVR, Inc. to supply the leading national homebuilder with finish residential lots. Ryan Homes, a division of NVR, will build and market the new homes for sale. Model homes construction is scheduled to start later this year with sales commencing in early 2021.

“Today we celebrate the hard work and commitment of many dedicated people, including residents of Montgomery Village and the leadership at MVF, who invested their time and effort over several years to make our collective vision for Bloom Village come to life,” said Russell Hines, president of Monument Realty. “We are proud to have reimagined the former golf course, which was historically accessible by few, as both a new home for many families and individuals, and a new preserve of open space and recreation to serve the broader community.”

Bloom Village will feature townhomes and single-family homes dispersed throughout the 150-acre site. The project is the result of extensive community engagement led by Monument Realty, working closely with the Montgomery Village Foundation and the local community, over the last seven years. The first phase of this multi-phase project will deliver 177 townhome lots to the east of Montgomery Village Avenue between Stewartown and Arrowhead roads. The overall site includes approximately 4,000 linear feet of the Cabin Branch stream meandering through the property. The stream connects two major Montgomery County park systems and will serve as a central feature for the new residential homes and all of Montgomery Village. When all phases are complete, there will be approximately 90 acres reserved for passive and active recreational use, including community gardens, picnic pavilions, walking paths, a dog park and playground.

“Bloom has been a long time in the planning stages, and we are pleased to see progress,” said MVF Executive Vice President David Humpton. “Bloom Village will bring new residents and yes, new revenues, to MVF, but most importantly will open up the former golf course property to more recreational opportunities for all Village residents to enjoy, and preserves most of the property in conservation areas which will benefit our local wildlife and the environment.”

While this is Monument Realty’s first foray into residential land development, Grandview Partners is a thought-leader in property investing and has extensive experience providing residential infrastructure financing. The Bloom Montgomery Village project has provided Monument Realty the opportunity to continue leveraging its extensive entitlement and development experience into new and creative areas of investment. Monument Realty continues to be an active buyer and developer in the Washington, DC market and is nearing completion of its first ground-up retail development, Riverside Square, a 90,000 SF suburban retail shopping center located on Route 7 in Ashburn, Virginia.

For construction updates during the project, visit

Approved Drawings and Documents

Bloom Concept Plan

Preliminary Plan Application

Central Park DRAFT Site Plan

Site Plan Revisions 8-2017

Site Plan Update 9-28-17

NRI/Forest Conservation Plan

Site Plan Amendment 8-13-19

For more information on Bloom, visit

Vision 2030

In preparation for the Gaithersburg East Master Plan, later separated into the Montgomery Village Master Plan, which Montgomery County originally set to work on in 2014, the MVF Board of Directors appointed the Vision 2030 Steering Committee to work with a professional land use consultant to: 1) develop a general vision statement that would articulate the community’s vision and would influence the county’s master plan update; and 2) hold a number of charrettes to get residents’ and others’ input on how to change, improve or enhance various areas of Montgomery Village. A series of three, two-day community charrettes were held, and various land use options were developed for each site. Feedback during the charrette process demonstrated that the community recognizes the need for change and that there needs to be an infusion of new high quality development, both residential and commercial, as well as updated public facilities in order for Montgomery Village to maintain a sense of community and serenity in an ever urbanizing county.

Questions such as “How do we make things more attractive, fresh and vibrant?” came up over and over, as residents and professional planners shared ideas and in some cases, drawings for various areas of the Village. “How do we strengthen our sense of community? How do we increase property values? What kinds of housing or commercial facilities do we need?” The committee identified four sites in the Village that will be ripe for redevelopment in the next 20 years. Concept plans were developed for each location and then presented to the MVF Board of Directors, the Montgomery County Council and the Montgomery County Planning Board. 

This report laid important groundwork for and helped shape the MV Master Plan.

Vision 2030 Report

MV Master Plan

On February 9, 2017 the Montgomery County Council unanimously adopted the Montgomery Village Master Plan. Over the last two years, the Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF) Board of Directors, MVF staff, Village residents, county planners and business stakeholders in the Village, including Monument Realty, worked to provide feedback and comments on the proposed plan.

County Council President Nancy Floreen thanked all who participated, noting that MVF and the Vision 2030 Plan helped lay the groundwork for this totally new Master Plan.

The comprehensive re-zoning of all properties in Montgomery Village continues to be processed by the county council. The Planning Board has recommended all the zoning recommendations in the recently adopted Montgomery Village Master Plan and the overlay zone. MVF Board President Pete Young presented testimony on behalf of the Board at a public hearing during a county council meeting, endorsing the zoning proposed in the master plan, including the overlay zone.

The testimony on Sectional Map Amendment (SMA-H-112).

For more information or to view the Montgomery Village Master Plan, visit

Midcounty Highway Extended (M-83)

I-495 & I-270 P3 Program

The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) announced the Traffic Relief Plan to reduce traffic congestion, increase economic development, but most importantly, enhance safety and return quality of life to Maryland commuters. This announcement goes hand-in-hand with the State’s determination and commitment to deliver state-of-the-art transportation solutions to Maryland residents.

To help address some of Maryland’s transportation challenges, the Traffic Relief Plan will incorporate many projects around the state by providing a “system of systems” for users including improvements to highways and transit. The largest initiative in the Traffic Relief Plan will evaluate improvements in the I-495 and I-270 corridors, which will consider transformative solutions to address congestion along these highways in Montgomery, Prince George’s, and Frederick Counties.

The I-495 & I-270 P3 Program is a historic effort to reduce congestion for millions of Maryland drivers by seeking input from the private sector to design, build, finance, operate, and maintain improvements on both I-495 and I-270. Improvements will be focused to transform these overloaded interstates to allow people to reach their destinations faster and to remove overflow traffic from the local roads.

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