What’s Your Story?

"What's Your Story?" is Montgomery Village's newest marketing campaign, aimed at connecting residents to the community and each other through shared stories. We aim to highlight residents, their accomplishments and investment in the Village, showcasing the caliber of people we call our neighbors, through the use of digital content, videos and social media.

This new venture identifies and promotes residents with a story to tell—their successes and achievements, and why they enjoy living in Montgomery Village. Residents participate in a short video interview to be published via social media and the website, making it easy to share stories with friends, family and neighbors both locally and afar.

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Nadia Makmak

Learn about the 2019 MVF Board of Directors Student Representative, Nadia Makmak.
Published May 28, 2019

Ellie Smith & Eyen Johnson

Learn about how a teacher and student fulfill a promise to write a book together and their ties to Montgomery Village.
Released October 22, 2018

John Morogiello

Learn about what brought John Morogiello to Montgomery Village, and the inspiration behind his new theater company, Best Medicine Rep.
Released September 4, 2018

Chioma Nwoye

Meet the new MVF Board of Directors Student Representative Chimoa Nwoye
Released April 10, 2018.

Laurel Stonebraker

Meet Village resident and author Laurel Stonebraker.
Released February 16, 2018.

Dick and Teresa Wright

Get to know long-time Village residents Dick and Teresa Wright.
Released November 2, 2017.

Lt. Oneil Ormsby

Meet Village resident and Montgomery County Police Officer Lt. Oneil Ormsby.
Released December 20, 2017.