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Looking back at my time as the MVF Student Representative


By Obehi Eromosele

During the summer of 2023, I was given the amazing opportunity to work at Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF) as part of my position on the MVF Board of Directors as the 2023 Student Representative. Before interning at the office during the summer, I attended the monthly board meetings. I learned what makes Montgomery Village function properly through those board meetings and the internship. 

As someone who works at the pools as a desk attendant and has been involved in other MVF opportunities, it was exciting to see what goes on behind the scenes. By attending the board meetings, I learned more about the Village’s current issues and what we can do to address them. 

During my summer internship, I spent each week with a different MVF department, learning how their roles affect the community’s growth. It offered a good insight into how these events bring the whole community together. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Executive Vice President Mike Conroy, who taught me everything I needed to know from the start. Through our conversations, I understood what a homeowners association (HOA) was and each department’s basic operations. 

Sitting in the Communications Department, I noted their work, watching Senior Graphic Designer Maria Pullifrone make the well-known graphic flyers seen in every community center and pool. During my time with Communications, I could see how they work to keep the residents informed. I enjoyed editing articles to be published in the Village News and going to community events like KidjAM. I will never forget The Great Zucchini!

Working with the Community Management Department, I learned the process of maintaining the local HOAs. I thoroughly enjoyed conducting inspections with the team; it made me appreciate the effort and skill needed to maintain a community’s organized appearance. I also learned how the different communities are split regarding management and communication. 

One of my best field trips was attending the Montgomery County Circuit Court to sit in on minor trials while working with General Counsel Christopher Hitchens and Executive Assistant Erica Choucroun. While with Christopher, I explored legal information pertinent to communities, looking at the founding documents.

I worked with the Finance and Administration Department, getting a general understanding of assessment fees, budgeting and allocation of funds for each community. I was also able to see the process of setting up board packets. I also worked with the HR Department, taking surveys on how to make new employee onboarding smoother.

Throughout my time, I was able to participate in events like the opening of the Watkins Mill Outdoor Fitness Park. The exposure to the collective efforts of making those events possible led me to appreciate the Recreation and Parks Department. I was fortunate enough to meet people who were happy with what they did. I enjoyed supply shopping with Recreation and Parks Director Duncan Mullis, who taught me valuable lessons on decision-making. As a former Counselor In Training, I was happy to work with the summer camps again as a “guest counselor.” In 2022, I worked as a Conservation Corps member cleaning up our community, and I was also happy to work with them again on their projects. 

In the Architectural Standards Department, I learned about the process of modifying your home and how and why the resident proposals are accepted or rejected. I observed housing inspections, looking for any modifications to houses without approval. I learned about the different types of roofs, exterior paint colors, and other building materials. I sat in on Architectural Review Board meetings, seeing how the staff carefully reviewed each house’s applied modifications. I also learned about the different types of house styles seen in each homes corporation.

This internship wasn’t just a routine experience. It altered my perception of community life, revealing the behind-the-scenes actions that shape our daily environment. It reshaped my perception of community functioning, instilling an appreciation in me for the facilities and events around me. It was amazing way to spend my summer while gaining work experience. If possible, I’d do it again, so I urge any high school junior to apply and take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

The application process is now open for the 2024 Student Representative position through 5 p.m. sharp on Wednesday, Feb. 7. For more information or the application, visit, or contact Director of Communications Ruth Stadius at 240-243-2331 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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