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40,000 MV Strong


Be informed, be involved, be heard and make a difference in the future of Montgomery Village by staying current on proposed County/State/Federal legislation, proposed development and transportation projects, happenings within and surrounding the Village, and talking to your neighbors and elected officials about what is important to you and your family. When the Village comes together on issues, it gets attention. Thank you all for being so active in the community.

“A New Town”
Fifty-seven years into this journey for the planned community of Montgomery Village, Maryland, the center of the town today closely resembles the early days of building new homes in the Village, with high demand for the beautiful townhouses and single-family homes in the Bloom community. New retail, restaurants and services are continuing to build out the town center, which will see additional housing available there as the redevelopment process continues through county approvals. The Montgomery Village Foundation Board of Directors approved the 2024 pool season schedule for the Village’s six pools, and approved the design process for the refresh of Stedwick Pool. The design will bring Stedwick to current standards while retaining the pool heater to ensure that a longer pool season continues.

Your Vote Matters
The Montgomery Village Foundation Board of Directors, as well as each of the local Homeowner Association Board of Directors, will mail annual election ballots this month. In addition to candidate summaries mailed with the ballots, additional information on the candidates will be made available in the Village News print edition, online on the MVF website and through social media to help inform residents in making their ballot selections ahead of the March deadlines. Thank you to all the residents who stepped forward to be considered for these volunteer positions, dedicating the next three years, if selected, to serve your community.

Celebrate Black/African American History Month
The diversity of our residents is a strong foundation of our community as one of the most diverse areas within the state of Maryland. All month long, Montgomery County is hosting events spotlighting historical sites throughout the county and celebrating the culture and contributions of African Americans. Go to for more information.

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