Swim Team Registration

It's Swim Team Season...Here's How to Dive In

Village swim teams provide one of the perennial favorite summer activities for Village children ages 4 to 18 (as of June 1 of the current year) whose families have current Montgomery Village Foundation activity cards. Who swims on which team? Different Village communities are assigned to different teams. Designated Users - Village households that pay a quarterly assessment for pools and community centers are listed here. Also, "buy-in" communities are listed. These are communities where property owners do not pay the Designated User Assessment to the MVF for the use of Foundation owned and operated pools, but pay instead to swim in a pool owned by a condominium or rental community. Families who live in these communities and have children who wish to join a Village swim team can purchase a special swim team membership for $451.44 per year, entitles an entire family to use any of MVFs seven pools for the entire summer.

NOTE: Be sure to bring your current activity card along when registering for any of the swim teams to verify your Village residency.

Lake Marion Lasers

Home Pool: Lake Marion Pool
8821 East Village Avenue


Registration days and times:
Ice Cream Social, Friday, May 10, 6 to 8 p.m.
Location: Lake Marion Community Center, 8821 East Village Avenue

Register Online

Ages: 4 through 18

Fee: $140 first child, $130 second child, $120 each additional child

Contact Persons:
Mekeba Barrett

Lake Marion Swim Team
•East Village

North Creek Neptunes

Home Pool: North Creek Pool
20125 Arrowhead Road


Registration days and times:
Saturday, May 11, 4 to 6 p.m.
Location: North Creek Community Center, 20125 Arrowhead Road

Register Online

Ages: 5 (as of June 1, 2017, or entering Kindergarten in September) through 18 (as of June 1, 2018)

Fee: $130 first child, $120 second child, $110 each additional child

Contact Person:  
Jennifer Hammond

North Creek Swim Team
•Apple Ridge
•Dorseys Regard
•Essex Place
•Highland Hall
•Partridge Place
•Perry Place
•Pleasant Ridge
•Salems Grant
•Shadow Oak
•Williams Range

Whetstone Whales

Home Pool: Whetstone Pool
19140 Brooke Grove Court


Online at www.whetstonewhales.com

Ages: 4 through 18

Fees: $130 first child, $115 second child, $100 each additional child

Ice Cream Social on Friday, May 24 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Whetstone Community Center, 19140 Brooke Grove Court

Contact Persons:

Whetstone Swim Team
•Fairway Islands
•Grovers Forge
•The Hamptons
•Maryland Place
•Nathans Hill
•Poplar Springs
•Club Hill
•Clusters I & II
•Clusters III
•Forest Brooke
•Frenchton Place
•Ridges of Stedwick

•Horizon Run
•Thomas Choice Gardens
•Thomas Choice West
•Thomas Choice Condo
•Center Court
•Center Stage
•Christopher Court
•Heron's Cove
•Normandie II
•Normandie I
•Park Place I & II
•Walker's Choice