New members installed, service awards given at MVF Annual Meeting

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by Mike Conroy
The Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF) Board of Directors held its Annual Meeting on Thursday, March 23 in North Creek Community Center. During the meeting, newly elected member to the Board, Tammy Holloway, and incumbents Peter Webb and Pete Young, were installed for their 2017-2020 term. Outgoing director Dennis Clark was thanked for his service to the Board and the community. Holloway, Webb and Young were announced as the winning candidates after the March 4 ballot counting.

Board President Pete Young opened the meeting with an address to the Village, reflecting on the highlights of the Village’s 50th Anniversary. Young noted the celebration activities, souvenir giveaways, logo license plates and the involvement of the committee, MVF staff and community volunteers. He said that 2016 was a great time to recognize the Village’s history, vision and journey so far, and reflect on how this generational refresh was an opportunity to reinvest in the community.

Young gave nod to the work of the Vision 2030 and Long Range Facilities Planning committees, whose planning helped in finalizing the MV Master Plan, approved in 2016 by Montgomery County. The master plan incorporates most of the recommendations from the community, and will help guide the community through the next 50 years. Young said this is exciting because, “as a community, we basically planned what we want to see for the future.”

He also welcomed new Montgomery County 6th District Police Commander Dinesh Patil, noting the new partnership with a great leader, who has been committed to keeping community informed.

Young mentioned new programs, such as the Retail Forum, and the continued excellence of annual programs such as the July 4 Celebration and Fall Festival. He also talked about projects around the Village completed in 2016, including the Lake Whetstone Dredging and the South Valley Park Restroom and Concession Stand, noting the positive impact these will have on the community for years to come.

Young added to the list several current projects, including the Lake Whetstone Outfall Tower repair, and the Apple Ridge Pool renovation, which is set to be finished in time for the opening of the 2017 pool season. He said this is the second of MVF's pools to get a facelift, and he is looking forward to the use of the new pool features.

He concluded his address by highlighting MVF staff departmental accomplishments and thanking them for their hard work on behalf of the community.

Board Treasurer Bob Carey reviewed the 2016 financials, following an unmodified opinion given in the 2016 MVF Audit, by the audit firm Draper & McGinley, P.A. Carey noted that in addition to the unmodified opinion, the auditors noted no changes to MVF’s internal control procedures. Carey commended CFO Greg Snelling and MVF staff for their efforts to maintain financial stability and accurate records.

2016 was another year of financial success. Net Income was reported as $918,353, approximately $168,000 ahead of the budget. The Operating Fund planned for a $347,183 deficit, however ended the year favorable to the budget at $171,287. Revenue significantly exceeded the budget by approximately $270,000, with better than expected revenues from disclosures, camps and classes and the Capital Contribution Fee. Operating Costs remained favorable to the budget by almost $240,000 due to lower technology costs and a new security contract.

Contributions to Reserves were made according to the budget, totaling $1,025,212.

Carey said that $1,514,258 was invested in MVF Assets, including the construction of the Apple Ridge Pool; the completion of the South Valley Park facility; and pool equipment and community center repairs.

Carey also noted that Investment Income increased $253,148 (4.5% over 2015), seeing major gains in equities. He also reported that with over a full year of use of the Lake Marion solar panels, MVF saw $21,865 in lower electrical costs in 2016.
Finally, Carey was pleased to report that due to continued success with the MVF Collection Policy, delinquencies are at a 9-year low, at 8.0%. The Receivables balance decreased by over $330,000 since 2014.

During the meeting, the Board also honored several community members, organizations and staff members for their volunteer efforts, service to the community or years of dedicated employment.

Community Service Awards

  • Gary Miller and Richard Zeman for volunteer trash pickup and maintaining the community on a daily basis.
  • 50th Anniversary Committee for their work in planning, organizing and implementing community-wide celebration activities.
  • Dick Rabil for his contribution of the 50th Anniversary logo to the celebration activities of the committee and community.
  • TD&PF Committee Members for their dedication and attention to transportation and development projects that affected Montgomery Village over decades of community changes.
  • Gary Stevens for his service on the Architectural Review Board from 2014 to 2016.
  • Steve Winegar for his 20-plus years of service on the Communications Committee.
  • Robert Maxwell for attaining the rank of Eagle Scout, and his project work on two pocket parks in Whetstone.

Super Sponsor Awards

  • Audrey Primozic for her support of the community and consistent advertising for over 15 years.
  • Montgomery Village Animal Hospital for their sponsorship and participation in MVF events and the Village News.

Outgoing Board Member

  • Dennis Clark

Staff Service Awards

  • Courtney Haynes, Community Management Administrative Assistant – 5 years
  • Kris Campbell, Registration Manager – 10 years
  • Alice Morehouse, Receptionist – 10 years
  • Jason Nicklow, Facilities Manager – 10 years
  • Dee Wirth, Architectural Standards Compliance Specialist – 10 years
  • Peggy Mark, Director of Communications – 40 years

Employee Recognition Awards

  • Mike Conroy, Assistant Executive Vice President
  • Peggy Mark, Director of Recreation, Parks and Culture
  • Karen Kodjanian, Director of Community Management
  • Juana Hernandez, Assistant to the EVP and CFO
  • April Steward, Community Management
  • Liana Roberts, Community Management
  • Ernesto Montano, Recreation, Parks and Culture
  • Kris Campbell, Recreation, Parks and Culture
  • Trudi Gatons, Recreation, Parks and Culture
  • Jana Serlo, Recreation, Parks and Culture
  • Christian Hayes, Recreation, Parks and Culture
  • Mirna Rivas, Finance and Administration
  • Roz Price, Communications