Monument Realty presents development update to MVF Board

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by Mike Conroy

Before the April 28 Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF) Board of Director meeting began, Yovi Sever from Monument Realty updated the Board on development progress on the former golf course property. Sever gave an overview of the next steps with Montgomery County, some of the obstacles they are currently facing and a hopeful timeline for county processes.

Sever noted that on Tuesday, June 14, the county council will hold a public hearing to confirm the Master Plan new zoning through a Sectional Map Amendment by the Planning Board. Once this is done, Monument can submit a Preliminary Plan of Subdivision, which would establish new lots and address items like forest conservation and stormwater management. Following that, the Site Plan can be established for landscaping and layout, and finally building permits can be issued for construction and engineering plans.
Monument Realty plans to submit the Preliminary Plan of Subdivision and Site Plan in November 2016, and hopes for final approval from the county in February 2017. If this this schedule is followed, they expect Permit Applications to be filed in March 2017.

Sever explained that Monument is currently working with FEMA to remap the floodplain on the property, as parts were incorrectly mapped over 50 years ago. This study has led to adjusting the previous concept plan, moving proposed housing and infrastructure out of the floodplain. Coupled with difficulties in interpreting stormwater management facility usage and maintenance responsibilities, this has slowed Monument’s previous timeline down a bit.

The floodplain mapping project has led to changes in most of the six developable areas. In most cases, the changes occurred in laying out the houses, eliminating some or making new clusters; moving roads to avoid the floodplain; and ensuring that all properties have the proper setbacks from the floodplain itself. In the case of Area 6, Sever said they are doing a cost analysis to see if the amount of infrastructure that needs to be built to service those homes is viable.

Sever said that all new roads would be systemic, private streets, following the same model as the rest of the Village. Monument hopes to use some of the existing paths in connective trail systems, including linking to other county trails in the area. The type of path material, paved versus gravel, is still being discussed, since Montgomery County would responsible for maintenance of some portions.

Other amenities in the proposed Central Park are community gardens, large and small dog parks, a tot lot with two age appropriate structures, a small picnic pavilion, an additional shade structure, lot and street parking and greenery, including reforestation areas.
Sever said although Monument is disappointed with some of the hurdles they have faced, they are still encouraged by the community support and are looking forward to starting to “move dirt.” “We’re excited to be part of the next 50 years in Montgomery Village.”