Make a spectacle in the garden

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We all know the benefits of native plants: less work, less water, less bugs. We’re familiar with their sorts of flowers. They show up regularly, the gawky coneflowers, the now socially accepted goldenrods and the surprise of bluebells. In the fall the Muhlenbergia Pink Muhly Grass will burst like cotton candy, and the asters, having waited patiently all summer, will blossom at last.

To further enhance our environment and our gardens, the Montgomery Village Garden Club (MVGC) will host Master Gardener Marie Rojas on Monday, April 12, who will focus on improved selections from reliable sources, and even some guilt-free non-native species. Through her company Borders and Butterflies, she has been providing Integrated Pest Management Services for homeowners, nurseries and property managers for over 25 years.
Rojas is an active member of the Montgomery County Beekeepers Association, and she and her husband add heritage chickens to their care at their historic 92-acre farm located on the Agricultural Reserve.

For more information or to join the MVGC Zoom meeting on Monday, April 12, e-mail Paula Brooks at