Letter to the Editor - Jane Wilder

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Editor –

I would like to thank the Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF) Board of Directors for coordinating the donation of the beautiful Cherry tree in South Valley Park, near the gazebo on Walkers Choice Pond in memory of my late husband, Rich.

During the celebration of his life and many contributions to the Village, many new and old friends recounted their memories of Rich over the 30 years of his and work to preserve the beautiful environment and animals in the community. The celebration included a photo display depicting Rich with his many animal friends, and a wedding ceremony picture which also took place near the same gazebo.

Rich was committed to the welfare and preservation of the environment and wildlife through the end of his life. He was also a founder of Citizens to Save South Valley Park and Whetstone Run (the original anti-M-83 organization) which opposed the greatest threat to Montgomery Village—a 6-lane “environmental terminator” highway running through the south end of Montgomery Village.

Rich would be pleased and proud at about other’s dedication to saving the Village’s beauty and unique environment, as this was one of the key projects of his life. In addition, he devoted many hours to saving wildlife.

Thank you to all of Rich’s friends who continue to fight any threat to the beauty of our area. I extend a special thanks to Jeannie Pizzonia and Mike Conroy who helped plan and coordinate the event and for the heartfelt remarks during the celebration of Rich’s life.

Thank you, MVF Board of Directors for your tribute and encouragement. The tree is a beautiful gift for all of us.

Jane Wilder
South Village