Just do it!

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I am sure that you have seen the news that the Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF) has hired a new Director of Parks and Recreation—Duncan Mullis—who replaced the retiring Peggy Mark late last year. We were blessed to have Peggy lead this important department for many years, and now Duncan is in the process of planning the next great phase for the Village. Hopefully you saw the article about the strategic planning process that Duncan has kicked off regarding our Recreation and Parks—along with a link to fill out a survey—which will help him and the staff better understand how you all currently use these amenities and decide how to best move these critical assets and programs forward. If you have not yet had a chance to fill out the survey, please do! Here is a link to the survey: http://bit.ly/mvfrec.

The Village has so much to offer all of us regarding our parks and recreational programs, and many of us have taken advantage of these over many years. As the community continues to evolve, however, Duncan and his team want to ensure that well loved and supported programs continue, but also introduce new programs and park assets that will engage us in new ways. We are all an important part of this process.

I love being out in our community and can say that I have enjoyed many of our parks on a regular basis, but some I have not seen before. This survey helped me realize that I need to explore more of our many assets, and also seek out some additional recreational options; in short, I need to “Just Do It!” Please join me in sharing your voice and self in some of the great ways to meet others, enjoy the outdoors, and marvel in our community. 

As always, I invite you to get involved, share your talents and thoughts with us, and help Montgomery Village stay the amazing community it has been all these years. I welcome your feedback; please e-mail me at peter@youngspa.com.