Future of Lakeforest Mall

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While the Lakeforest Mall is just outside the borders of Montgomery Village, it’s close proximity has always been reason for Village residents to have an interest in what is on the property.

The City of Gaithersburg has embarked on a Master Plan process for the site, which currently offers an opportunity for significant redevelopment. As part of that process, the city is seeking feedback from residents and stakeholders to create recommendations and guidelines for future development of the site. As such, the community is invited to participate in a survey to envision the future of Lakeforest.

The property is in moratorium while the Lakeforest Master Plan Amendment process gets underway to help guide future redevelopment. The 20-question survey, available through Friday, Nov. 6, asks for feedback on things like desired amenities, possible business uses, housing types and density, ideas for open/green space, best transportation modes and traffic circulation patterns, questions about equity and sustainability and more.

For more information prior to taking the survey, background materials and process details can be found online at www.gaithersburgmd.gov/government/projects-in-the-city/lakeforest-master-plan.