Excitement and promise

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A new year! Wow, it’s 2018 already—when did that happen? In all seriousness, this new year kind of snuck up on me. With the hectic time between Thanksgiving and the New Year, it’s easy to lose track of time, for me at least.

Anyway, I start this new year with much excitement and promise. In the Village we are really on a roll—I have written many times about the many changes afoot in our community, from new pools and playgrounds, to new transportation projects affecting us, to new development on the way with new housing and commercial renewal. We also have an election process underway that will present some fresh faces and new ideas to consider. I hope you all take the time to participate in the annual election for new directors for both your local associations and for the Montgomery Village Foundation.

While many of us like to think about setting new goals, resolutions or reflecting on the past year, I hope you will take time this year to live in the moment. I am as guilty as any of us for looking ahead, trying to set plans and goals and worrying about how we can improve our community. What I am hoping to do more of is enjoy each day, revel in what we currently have and who we are and not lose sight of the energy and promise of each day.

The winter can be a low energy time when people “hunker down” during the cold and darker months, but I for one hope to use these days as a gift to enjoy and share with you. Get out there, say hello, help each other and try to enjoy the magic that comes with each of us sharing our community. I’m excited!

As always, I invite you to get involved, share your talents and thoughts with us, and help Montgomery Village stay the amazing community it has been all these years. I welcome your feedback; please e-mail me at peter@youngspa.com.