MVF 2017 Annual Meeting

The Montgomery Village Foundation Board of Directors Annual Meeting was held on Thursday, March 23, 2017. Below are some highlights from the meeting.

The MVF Board of Directors meets the fourth Thursday of every month, except November and December, at 7:30 p.m. in the North Creek Board Room, 20125 Arrowhead Road.

President's Address

Pete Young, President
MVF Board of Directors

March 23, 2017

Good evening, friends and neighbors, fellow MVF Board members, committee members and MVF staff.

This was an amazing year to be a Village resident. Throughout the year, we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Montgomery Village—recognizing the rich history and vision the Kettlers built into our community and our journey through the years up to this point in time. But at the same time, this year continued progress toward a generational refresh for the community that will see real change and offer new opportunities for all of us as we move forward into the future.
50th Anniversary events, planned by our anniversary committee and carried out jointly by the Communications and Recreation Department staff, included a festive Kickoff Celebration in February, followed by an Arbor Day Celebration at North Creek Nature Center, an anniversary themed Independence Day Celebration, a special outdoor concert event featuring “The Reagan Years,” a fall Nature Center Celebration and numerous souvenir give-aways throughout the year. The MVF facebook page also featured weekly “Throwback Thursday” postings with a photographic walk-through of Village events, places and people through time. And we were honored to be able to order our own signature Montgomery Village license plates, which are available to those who wish to have them.

Meanwhile, in new developments:
•    We welcomed our new Commander Dinesh Patil from the Montgomery County 6th District Police, who hosted regular community meetings to provide us with updates on what has been going on in our community. We were happy to hear that Village crime activity was generally down in 2016 compared to previous year.
•    After almost two years of formal process, the new Montgomery Village Master Plan was completed and approved last February by the county council. I am especially proud that the county recognized the importance of our community in having our own Master Plan. This plan incorporated most of the recommendations of the Vision 2030 Report completed in 2011 after many months of community input and the work of volunteers who contributed their time and talent to the process. As a result, and in hand with the new Master Plan, new investments in housing and retail, as well as community spaces, parkland and new amenities, will be taking shape in the Village in the next few years, with focus on properties on the former golf course, the Village Center and the Professional Center. In November a Retail Forum was held to educate residents about retail trends and learn how the owners of the Village Center identify prospective retail and restaurant options for the redeveloping shopping center.
•    The county’s dredging project at Lake Whetstone was completed, and necessary structural repairs to the outfall riser structure were undertaken. The county reports that the outfall riser project will be completed by May 1 at the latest. This will coordinate nicely so that we can install the new natural play features at Lake Whetstone Park.
•    Both our annual Independence Day and Fall Festival celebrations had perfect weather and drew record attendance. There was such a good feeling of community at both events, and every entry in the July 4 Parade and Pumpkin Races was a winner regardless of whether it won.
•    In addition, this has been a year of continuing progress on some of the recommendations of the Long Range Facilities Planning Committee, which several years ago reviewed all of MVF’s current facilities and amenities and among other things, called for the eventual replacement and upgrade of all our pools as they reach their useful life spans. This year, our second pool replacement, Apple Ridge, was undertaken; this new pool will focus more on leisure and play rather than competition, since there is no competitive swim team located at Apple Ridge. The new pool is expected to open in time for summer of 2017.

The new restroom and concession stand facility at South Valley Park was completed, and a dedication and ribbon-cutting ceremony was held. This facility benefited both visitors to this year’s Summers at South Valley Park events and participants and spectators at MVSA sports events.

I am so proud of our organization, which, after 50 years, I truly believe is stronger than ever.
•    Our Financial Affairs Department has worked hard to shore up finances, and with our recently implemented Collection Policy, our delinquency rate is lower than it has been for many years; in addition, our investment strategy of diversifying assets allowed us to take advantage of a strong stock market.
•    After careful review of camp and program enrollment, the Recreation, Parks and Culture Department revamped many of our long-standing offerings to better meet the needs and wishes of our current residents—including offering specialty programs, more family activities, short end-of-summer camps and inexpensive after-school supervised activities.
•    Our Architectural Standards Department and ARB are working hard to update criteria and policies to accommodate new trends, tastes and materials; the Board approved a new software program that allows for inspectors to collect data in the field using smart devices.
•    Our Communications Department has expanded information on our new MVF website, our MVF facebook page and other social media to increase outreach at a time when paper news is declining. The fourth and final Flourish magazine, published a few months ago, is perhaps the best issue yet and celebrates in word and photos the beauty of the natural areas in our community.
•    And our Community Management Department continues to serve most of our Village homes corporation and condominium association boards to provide the highest quality on-site, professional property management services possible.
•    Last, but far from least, we are all so fortunate to work with, and be led by our Executive Vice President, Dave Humpton, who has the wisdom and experience to understand and work through the complex issues and challenges facing our community as we more forward.

The time is now to think about what these generational changes mean in terms of what we want to happen, how we govern, and the best approaches for our ongoing community engagement with planning and implementing change. Fifty years ago, the Kettler

Brothers had a vision for Montgomery Village and implemented it. Today, the challenge is in our hands to work in partnership with new stakeholders in the redevelopment of our previously non-residential properties. I am gratified to see that we are on the path to renewed investment in our community, and that the years of planning we have undertaken are starting to bear fruit. We as a Board will continue to explore ways to seek and share information, to keep on trend with our program offerings and other initiatives, all with the goal of benefiting our community.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for every one of us to keep informed about ongoing development processes, to participate in community forums, to let our voices be heard, to help ensure that our concerns and wishes are taken into consideration. Be a part of the change you want to see in your hometown. MVF has a great Board, dedicated volunteers and a strong staff; but we need your help to support our initiatives today and into the future.

Community Awards

During the meeting, the Board also honored several community members, organizations and staff members for their volunteer efforts, service to the community or years of dedicated employment.

Awards were presented to:

Community Service Awards

  • Gary Miller and Richard Zeman for volunteer trash pickup and maintaining the community on a daily basis.
  • 50th Anniversary Committee for their work in planning, organizing and implementing community-wide celebration activities.
  • Dick Rabil for his contribution of the 50th Anniversary logo to the celebration activities of the committee and community.
  • TD&PF Committee Members for their dedication and attention to transportation and development projects that affected Montgomery Village over decades of community changes.
  • Gary Stevens for his service on the Architectural Review Board from 2014 to 2016.
  • Steve Winegar for his 20-plus years of service on the Communications Committee.
  • Robert Maxwell for attaining the rank of Eagle Scout, and his project work on two pocket parks in Whetstone.

Super Sponsor Awards

  • Audrey Primozic for her support of the community and consistent advertising for over 15 years.
  • Montgomery Village Animal Hospital for their sponsorship and participation in MVF events and the Village News.

Outgoing Board Member

  • Dennis Clark

Staff Service Awards

  • Courtney Haynes, Community Management Administrative Assistant – 5 years
  • Kris Campbell, Registration Manager – 10 years
  • Alice Morehouse, Receptionist – 10 years
  • Jason Nicklow, Facilities Manager – 10 years
  • Dee Wirth, Architectural Standards Compliance Specialist – 10 years
  • Peggy Mark, Director of Communications – 40 years

Employee Recognition Awards

  • Mike Conroy, Assistant Executive Vice President
  • Peggy Mark, Director of Recreation, Parks and Culture
  • Karen Kodjanian, Director of Community Management
  • Juana Hernandez, Assistant to the EVP and CFO
  • April Steward, Community Management
  • Liana Roberts, Community Management
  • Ernesto Montano, Recreation, Parks and Culture
  • Kris Campbell, Recreation, Parks and Culture
  • Trudi Gatons, Recreation, Parks and Culture
  • Jana Serlo, Recreation, Parks and Culture
  • Christian Hayes, Recreation, Parks and Culture
  • Mirna Rivas, Finance and Administration
  • Roz Price, Communications