2019 Architectural Standards Community Inspections

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Every year, the Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF) Architectural Standards Department performs scheduled community inspections. In 2019, Architectural Standards will be completing the inspections in Patton Ridge and Whetstone that began in 2018, specifically focusing on Partridge Place, Arrowhead, and Greentee I and II in Patton Ridge and on Lakeside and the Courts of Whetstone in Whetstone. They will also be inspecting all the subdivisions in Eastgate, Poplar Spring, Middle Village and Horizon Run Condominiums, and will begin inspections in East Village, which will continue into 2020.

In addition to conducting scheduled inspections in the above communities, Architectural Standards Department Compliance Specialists conduct inspections throughout the Village that are requested as part of resale disclosure packets, or that are reported to the department by a community member.
MVF is obligated, through each homes corporation’s governing documents, to enforce architectural standards Village-wide in order to maintain the harmony of our residential properties. These inspections are an important service that allows MVF to fulfill that obligation.

If you receive a violation letter, please read the letter carefully and contact the Compliance Specialist who sent it with any questions. Homeowners should notify the Architectural Standards Department once a violation is corrected so that the department can close the case. This year, Compliance Specialists will be conducting follow-up inspections on homes with open violations to determine if the violations have been corrected or if further enforcement actions are needed.

Properties are inspected to determine if they comply with the architectural criteria and guidelines for each community. Criteria and guidelines can be found online at www.montgomeryvillage.com. The guidelines are available on the Architectural Standards Department page of the website, while homeowners will need to be logged into their account to see their specific community criteria. Homeowners can also contact the Architectural Standards Department to receive a copy of their community’s criteria or any of the Village-wide guidelines if they don’t have access to a computer.

Inspections include the exterior of homes, decks, fences, patios, walkways, sheds and any other structures or additions. All inspections will be performed from common areas; Compliance Specialists will not enter your property to conduct inspections.

One way to ensure that your home remains violation-free is to apply for any exterior modifications you plan to make to your home. It is free to apply, and routine requests that have clear criteria, guidelines or precedents supporting them are reviewed in-house on a weekly basis. House additions and other more complex requests are reviewed at the monthly Architectural Review Board meeting.

You can also submit an application for a change that you have already made; just state clearly in the application that the modification is existing. If it is noted during an inspection that a modification was made to a property without approval, a review fee of $25 will be automatically added to your assessment account. Applications can be completed online at www.montgomeryvillage.com/pir or by visiting the MVF Office to pick up a hard copy.

Architectural inspections do not include general maintenance of private residences, which are addressed by the individual homes corporations and their Private Property Maintenance Inspections.

For more information, contact the Architectural Standards Department at 301-948-0110.